Already familiar with our hydrangeas?

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As soon as the Dutch supply of cut Hydrangeas decreases in numbers and quality, Flora United International BV has been very successfully importing a wide range of colors and varieties from the Hydrangea family for years. Many varieties pass through the box in large numbers every day and find satisfied customers through wholesalers, exporters, garden centers and florists in the Netherlands or abroad. To name a few types; the Shocking Blue, Soeur Therese white and blue, Trophy Purple and Red, Emerald Fuchsia or the green Clover are all in great demand. The runner Hydrangea Lima is very popular worldwide all year round. Countries of origin include Columbia, Kenya and Peru. The Hydrangeas are immediately given the right treatment upon arrival, ensuring that their quality and shelf life are proven.

Willem and Roberto from Flora United International are happy to inform you about the stock and availability of the various types or consult our webshop.

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